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Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend Without Stress

Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend Without Stress

Have you ever wanted easy-to-use tricks to catching your cheating boyfriend red-handed? Incredible tricks to catching a cheating boyfriend without stress, is a dream come true.

These tricks to catching a cheating  boyfriend without stress would help you go through the process of doing a clean detective job on your boyfriend.

Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend
Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend Without Stress

Introduction To Incredible Tricks To Catching A Cheating  Boyfriend Without Stress

Cheating is an act of dishonesty or an unfair act with the intention to gain an advantage over. The act of cheating in a relationship is violating the rights of your partner as well as putting the relationship at risk of dis-annulment.

It is associated with giving time, energy, attention and sometimes money to something or someone else. This act doesn’t happen only when you’re caught with another human being. It can also occur when you give your relationship time, energy, attention and even money to something else.

However, for the purpose of this article, we’d be focusing on boyfriends who sexually cheat on their girlfriends. This article would give you possible ways to catching him red-handed and help you work through this detective job.

Incredible Tricks To Catching A Cheating  Boyfriend Without Stress

I think ever lady needs this as a pocket guide. Some guys can be really frustrating and annoying when it comes to staying faithful. And I am not saying ladies are saints either.

Disclaimer: Guys aren’t scumbags afterall! They’re just going through a difficult situation and it’s our duties as ladies to help them out. I know a hand full of guys who are really amazing at being a boyfriend. Your boyfriend may be part of this group but might be struggling with knowing how to regulate.

Well, that doesn’t make them all righteous. So, here ladies, is a guide to the incredible tricks to catching a cheating boyfriend without stress.

Why Are These Tricks To Catching A Cheating  Boyfriend Without Stress Important?

Most boyfriends who cheat has an already developed a problem with maintaining a relationship with just one woman. They’re mostly people who grew up not having what they wanted. So they believe they can have just anything and anyone they like.

Whenever the case of cheating is discussed, some people hold on to sentiments. Often they say women cheat more than men do. To proof that men cheat more than woman, or that women cheat more than men is actually not a topic to debate. This is because, debating this course will in no way bring solution to the problem of cheating. Rather, it would only create a distraction and pass blames.

Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend
They believe they can have just anything and anyone they like.

These are tricks that any one can use, but not without safety measures. With these “tricks to catching your cheating boyfriend”, you can handle your man by yourself. Especially when he is the kind of man that doesn’t want to come out clean or refrain from his evil ways.

What Are The Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend Without Stress

It is also important for you to note that these tricks should be used only when you are sure that your boyfriend or spouse is actually cheating. This is because testing or showing signs that you don’t trust your boyfriend, is something you should never do.

If your intentions are just to test your boyfriend out of your inability to feel secure, you certainly should not try these tricks. However, if you have a suspicion and you are 50% sure that he actually is cheating then these tricks are definitely what you should try.

1. Don’t Go Through His Phone, Go Through His Mind

Don’t go through your spouse’s phone to know if he’s cheating or not. Going through your spouse’s phone to know if he’s cheating or not is overrated. With the advances made in technology, it is very easy for any guy to hide things on his phone. However, using the ever existing technique to finding if your boyfriend is actually cheating on you, can never be overrated. Rather, it is highly emphasized.

Ask him questions about your suspicions, be specific, on point, smart, and reasonable about the questions that you ask him. Ask him questions like; Are you cheating on me?, Is there something you’re not telling me?, What’s going on in your life that I do not know about? Also, just to make his suspicions arise even more, you can ask him a question like, When were you going to tell me? Well, these questions are not just questions that you ask at anytime.

Perfectly Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

It is your duty to arrange a certain time, place and occasion for this kind of question.
Be calm and without rage while you ask this question, show that your questions are important because, he might try to push them off. Also, give your reasons to why you are asking, while you find a way to connect to the man inside.

2. Don’t Ask His Friends, Ask Him Indirectly

An amazing trick to catching your cheating boyfriend without stress is asking him indirectly. Some guys are really honest, more honest than you can even think of. If you have a believe or you have a feeling in you that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Then, I think the best thing to do is to confront him.

Ask your questions indirectly in the sense that you need to be well structured about your questions. Get him to talk and answer questions sincerely. Chances are, he’d tell the truth without knowing.

Question him looking straight into his eyes, with a bold and simple face that says “We are just having a conversation”.

Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend
Keep in mind that you have to be extra dramatic.

Don’t go about asking his friends, you may never get any information from them. If he still loves you, there’s a tendency he’d open up to you and tell you. Guys are mostly loyal to a fault, so asking his friends may not really be a good idea, moreover it may not speak well of you.

3. Don’t Just Suspect Him, Follow Him Up

Don’t just get bitter suspecting your boyfriend, find a way to go after him. Confirm your suspicions. Follow him up like a detective would. Don’t give him a break, especially when you have the believe or the intrusion that he’s going to see the other lady. Note that you need to be prepared for anything. Try not to freak out or get unnecessarily anxious.

Another thing you can do in regards to following him up is to keep record of what he smells like when he comes in and goes out. We ladies have the ability to record and retain information faster than men, especially smell. Whenever he comes in and goes out, give him a hug and try to use your nose to tell if he’s been with another woman.

Of course, this technique would certainly require more information and expertise.

4. Don’t Tell Him About Your Suspicions, Ask Him About Your Suspicions

It is one thing to tell your boyfriend about your suspicions and why, and it is another thing to ask him. Telling your boyfriend that you suspect him having an affair might sound like a delusional accusation.

Therefore, it is more advisable to ask him simple questions like are you cheating on me?
Asking him these questions would not hurt a fly. Even though there is every tendency that he might flare up or deny especially when he’s guilty.

5. Don’t Get Angry, Manage Your Anger

It is very easy for you to get angry in situations like this. Especially when your suspicion is actually true. It’s however, advisable that you do not let anger get the best of you. Over the years I have realised how destructive anger can be.

Letting anger into your heart can actually lead to a other things that you do not naturally think of. So, to ensure that you are doing a perfect job, ensure that you do not let anger get anywhere close to you no matter how hurt you get.

6. Don’t Change Your Attitude Towards Him, Pray For Him

Over the years, I have seen people lose relationships because they found out that their spouse was cheating and their attitude changed. This shouldn’t always be the case because everyone should be given a room for improvement.

So, instead of reciprocating with anger, resentment and hatred try praying for your man. Pray for your boyfriend and let him know that you are praying for him. Let him see your attitude towards him as soft and gentle yet conscious.

Tricks To Catching Your Cheating Boyfriend
Pray for him and love him even more

7. Don’t Threaten Him With A Divorce Or Breakup, Allow Him Feel Your Pain

The intuition of threatening your boyfriend with a breakup, or your husband with a divorce when you know that he’s cheating is never to be done. Except you’re tired of the relationship and you just don’t want to go on with it. It’s advisable that you don’t bring up any arguments or topic related to breakups or divorce.

Bringing up topics like divorce and break up would put you as well as your relationship in jeopardy. The topic of breakup should only be heard in your relationship when you are certain that you want to end that romantic relationship.

Most men who cheat may sound arrogant when you discuss about cheating. Therefore bringing up the topic of a breakup will make them see it as an easy way out of the problem. Mind you, they don’t feel comfortable breaking up with you. However, breaking up the relationship may mean that they don’t feel the pain of what they’ve done.

8. Don’t cry your eyes out, pay him a visit with a lovely gift

As a child until adult stage I have heard over and over again that crying doesn’t solve any problem. Sometimes, it’s true that you need to cry but most times crying is really not necessary. Instead of crying I recommend that you follow him up and see what he’s up to.

Instead of crying your eyes out, go out there and find out who he is cheating with and why he’s doing it. Be happy that you did something good for yourself. Well, the why to cheating is that most men don’t even know why they cheat, so don’t be surprised to get such answer.

9. Don’t loose yourself to worry, slip in a condom to his bag or pocket

One trick to catching your cheating boyfriend without stress is, doing an act of goodness. Use the technique of slipping in a condom in his bag or pocket, somewhere you’re sure he’d see it. A condom in his bag or his pockets. He’d be surprised as much as worried. If he truly does love you, he would definitely come back home. To give you an explanation to why he is doing what he’s doing or he might decide to lie and get angry over you slipping in a condom to his pocket or bag. But in a 70% probability he definitely would come clean.


So basically you don’t want to try any of these tricks to catching a cheating boyfriend without stress till you are 50% sure that he’s actually cheating on you.

Finally, I am glad you took the time to read, and as our model is; We receive questions via comments section and answer every single one— We look forward to your questions.

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