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Things That Can Breakup A Romantic Relationship

Four Things That Can Breakup A Romantic Relationship

Did you know that there are things you intentionally or unintentionally do that are damaging to your romantic relationship? The four things that can breakup a romantic relationship is an article that looks forward to helping individuals understand that there are certain things that they often intentionally or unintentionally do, that can break their romantic relationships to shambles.

Things That Can Breakup A Romantic Relationship
Four Things That Can Breakup A Romantic Relationship

What Is A Romantic Relationship?

The english dictionary defines relationship as a connection or association. Relationships are also referred to as a condition of being related to a particular person or people. Romantic relationships are those associated with romance, love and sex.

For the purpose of this article, we focus on romance, which seems to be a global problem. Considering the high rate of break ups and divorce. However, whether it be friendship relationship, courtship or dating relationship, marital relationship, or family relationship, these four destroyers can cause it harm.

Things That Can Breakup a Romantic Relationship — When a Romantic Relationship Broken?

Most times, people do not realise how broken their relationship is until they get to a dead end. Relationship researchers claim that relationship satisfaction within marriages inevitably decline overtime.

This indeed when viewed from most analysis is not faulty considering the raise of divorce today. Also, if you average all couples responses together, you would arrive at same dissatisfaction in most marriages.

These things that can breakupa romantic relationship would choke the relationship, making it uncomfortable for both parties.

Four Things That Can Breakup Any Romantic Relationship — When Is A Romantic Relationship Broken?
Romantic relationships are supposed to be fun without the things that can break a relationship.

Four Things That Can Breakup Any Romantic Relationship

These four things that can breakup any romantic relationship are usually things that we ordinarily don’t realize. When a relationship is breaking up, the average person seeks to fight the symptoms rather than the problem.

Here’s when you find friends, family members and even couples quarrelling or fighting over little things. Little things that ordinarily they should just laugh off. Getting angry over things that had always been an occasional occurrence. The four things that can breakup a relationship are:

Four things that can break a relationship
Little things that ordinarily they should just laugh off.
  1. Insecurity
  2. Mental disorder
  3. Poor interaction
  4. Frustration

1. Insecurity

Insecurity is a lack of security and existence of uncertainty. An insecure person lacks confidence in his or herself, and in every other person. They are people who battle with self-doubt. These people are unable to trust themselves much less others. This is a major destroyer of relationships.

How can insecurity breakup a Romantic relationship?

An insecure relationship is one that is associated with little or no assurance or trust. Insecurity in relationships not only destroys relationships but also produces bitter people. Such relationship is a result of the absence of trust and in most cases introduces physical and emotional violence.

Definitely, when a person losses trust in his or her relationship with one aspect of life, it affects the other aspects. The state of being subject to danger or being vulnerable is a state no one wants to be at.

Four things that can break a relationship
An insecure relationship is one that is associated with little or no assurance or trust

An Insecure Neighborhood Can Breakup a Romantic Relationship

I once had a story of a lady who went through trauma from receiving threat notes from her neighborhood. These threat notes came because she was a very mean person, who often didn’t care about anyone by herself. So, the neighbors wanted her out. This invariably led to her loosing her job because she was scared to go out. I couldn’t imagine how i would feel if i were in her shoes.

It was however rude of her neighborhoods to threaten her that much, and they sure got what suited them afterwards. In addition, also note that this is why choosing a friendly and quiet neighborhood is very important for your relationship and if you have kids, for their social health, bcause that is as important as everything else.

Lack Of Support From Family And Friends Leading To Insecurity

When a man or woman shows little interest and support for a relationship, person(s) involved would interpret that attitude negatively. This invariably would lead to insecurity and can tear down the relationship. With this, there is every tendency that you or your spouse would,or even both of you. would likely cheat. bringing cheating to be like a safe landing for either or both of you.

Culture And Distrust Can Result To Insecurity

Here in my country, I have heard of a fetish culture that customs that women, take oaths on their wedding day. They swear oaths and the process is organised by a fetish priest. A curse of madness or death or any worse disease you can think of. These women are to swear oaths that say that they are never going to cheat on their husbands.

However, the men on the other hand are never involved in these oaths and are exempted by tradition from taking this oath. The culture allows men cheat and marry many wives. Whereas, the women are subject to manage and live with a cheating husband all their lives. Sometimes, the women would be interited by their husband’s next of kin when their husbands dies.

This type of culture accompanies distrust and most times unworthiness. Little wonder why most women in my country are battling with low self esteem and lack of self confidence.

Only a few of them have the ability to dream big. This type of custom is destructive to a romantic relationship, and can drive a woman to the peak of insecurity and unworthiness.

Insecurity In A Relationship Raising From Suspicion.

Suspicion in a romantic relationship is unhealthy and comes as a result of distrust. Most romantic relationships has packed up because of the absence of trust. It’s one of the many things that can break any romantic relationship. Most times, it is better to ask questions rather than live on suspicions like a curious child. Living on suspicion has too many dangers, ranging from anxiety to lose self-esteem. A well developed relationship should be one where you are not afraid to say what you want to say. You’re free to speak. It all starts with building a solid friendship relationship

2. Mental Disorder

The word mental relats to sanity of the mind, mental disorder is a behavioral or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a poor ability to function in life. The raise of mental disorder is a result of a number of things that which we can control and perfect most of them. These things includes:

  • Depression— This is a state of mind producing serious, long-term reduction in ability to enjoy life or inability to visualize a happy future.
  • Drugs abuse— This is a phrase that describes the destructive misuse of a drug or drugs that was initially intended to make us feel better.
  • Anxiety— Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervousness, apprehension and obsession or concern about some uncertain event.
  • Strife— A form of discord associated with bitter contention and violence.
Four things that can break a relationship
Nothing is worth risking the health of a perfect relationship

How Can Mental Disorder Breakup any Romantic Relationship?

Depression can be a result of stress or things not going well as planned. It can even be a result of disappointments coming from setting high expectations on other people. Sometimes we get depressed when we do not feel good about ourselves probably because having people around telling us what’s right and wrong.

The feeling of unworthiness and low self-esteem issues in some cases drives people to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, anxiety and strife. It doesn’t start all in one day, it’s a gradual process.

Understanding the importance of a relationship and just focusing on that relationship without the intention of pleasing anyone can ease this pressure. Easing the pressure and gaining your sanity back may mean seeing a therapist in most cases.

Four Things That Can Break Any Romantic Relationship — An Example of a Perfect Relationship

A relationship with God is capable of perfecting other relationships. It helps in educating us on how to best overcome the four things that can break any romantic relationship.

Understanding how important you are that God in his Majesty and greatness would leave his majestic throne with everything he had. He came down to this world filled up with sin and death, with a glorious plan that he had couped up for as long as Abraham to Joseph.

An Example of a Perfect Relationship

He healed the sick, raised the dead, preached to the people about himself in a land filled with ungrateful people. Lived in the slums for us and finally died our death. He gave us something we didn’t deserve and yet says, ‘cast all your cares on me.’

How much more our relationships? If he can perfect our lives, he certainly would like to perfect our relationships. He can take away the depression, the addiction to drugs, the anxiety and all the strife.

3. Poor Interaction

Four things that can break a relationship
Communicating the problem helps ease out the hurt

How Can Poor Interaction Breakup A Romantic Relationship?

Among the four things that can break a relationship is poor interaction. Communication is the life of any relationship. When communication is absent, relationships fail because communication is like the life wire of any relationship. Just the same way food nourishes the body, communication nourishes romantic relationships. Poor or bad communication can result to the next person seeking socialization from external guests.

Poor communication promotes aggression and insufficient time together thereby choking the relationship to premature death.

4. Frustration

How Can Frustration Breakup A Romantic Relationship?

Frustration is mostly accompanied by major illness that arises from child raising and upkeep, unemployment, stress and pessimism.

Four things that can break a romantic relationship
It’s never too late to save a bleeding love

A lack of job can make a person go broke and that way, the person develops major illness, looses optimism and hope. Slowly frustration creeps in and then comes anger and aggression and hatred of one’s life and bitterness towards others. Relationships begin to wax cold and loved once are worry sick.

Laura’s Story

After Laura lost her job because of inadequacy due to the threat notes and mails she was getting. She and her family decided to move to another neighborhood.

The change cost her husband his job and they became broke. Her husband finally got a job two weeks after, but as a sales person and also worked as a bar tender at night.

Working two jobs in a day was not easy for him. It was not easy for Laura too. Her career had ended and she had resulted to being a home school teacher for their kids. They could no longer afford to send them to school.


All these four things that can breakup a romantic relationship most be avoided to live a life free of worries or at worse divorce or separation. Life a journey, learning to live in peace and harmony is a risk we should take.

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