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A story: Instilling Value In a Child

The benefit of Value is a story about a boy who didn’t appreciate going to school. To him school was of no essence. He did not care much about school until he could understood how much school can be of impact to him. Of course, he learnt that through his mother’s Story on Value.

A short Story

Every instruction is carried our responsibly because of the value placed on it. The story was inspired by a poem on Zubi Elite Writing.

(Proverbs 4:13)
Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; guard her, for she is your life.

The benefits of Value: Storyline

On this wonderful morning, this amazing day that changed David’s approach to life and pursuit. The day that exposed David to how much value can be of essence to what ever he does in life. A day so special that made mother understand the power of processing value for a course.

The benefits of Value

Father’s Experience

Mother had woken as early as five o’clock in the morning, she had woken up to pray with father as they usually do. After they were done praying, Mother reminded father about David’s reluctance to go to school.

Father sighed and held mother’s hand. Reaching for her chin with the other hand he said to her. ‘I have learnt something over the past few days.’ He leaned towards her and started narrating an experience. Father told mother of an incidence that happened at work.

He told her how he and other managers struggled to ensure the employees did their jobs perfectly yet no result. He continue by telling her how it was resolved by making the employees understand the importance of his work and the value the work.

The benefits of Value

Mother’s Thoughts

After prayers, father prepared for work while mother prepared breakfast. As she did, she kept wondering and pondering on possible ways to get David interested in school.

Mother listened to father and made sense of all he said, she kept pondering on Father’s words and thought of ways to use the information to help her son without hurting their relationship.

‘What are the benefits of Value?’ She asked father. Father drew his sleeve and buttoned up his shirt. ‘Why not tell him an inspiring story on Value.’ Father replied.

Hmm.. that’s really an amazing idea, Mother said in satisfaction as she tired to make up the perfect story in her head. Just then, she remembered the perfect story to tell.

The benefit of value: David’s Prayer request

The benefits of Valuing School.

David was just five years and was never happy with the idea of school. Whenever school was mentioned to David, it was always a mood changer for the young child. He often thought it as punishment, and a complete waste of his time.

David saw no value in school and wanted mother and father to understand his opinion to school. He had even prayed countless times that God would keep mother and father too busy that they don’t remember school.

Value is the most important virtue

By the time father was done preparing for work, he went to David room to for a while just before he stepped out. He told David school wasn’t a punishment and that he would love to see him graduate for grade school. He kissed mother goodbye after which mother headed for the kitchen to serve David’s breakfast.

Mother called out to David to brush his teeth and come down for breakfast. She waited for a while without response. She stood up and headed for David’s room.

Mother Tries To Make a difference

The benefits of Understanding Value

As mother got close to the room, she stopped at the door and took a deep breath. Holding the door knob tightly. She sighed softly and said to herself, ‘You can do this.’

She quietly opened the door. On seeing her little child who looked fed up and somewhat frustrated. avid looked at her and said softly, ‘Mum, I don’t want to go to school.

She removed her scarf from her head and wiped his tears with it. On normal occasions, mother would raise her voice at David or woop him for not complying.

The benefit of value: Mother’s Story on Value

The benefits of Value

Mother touched his face and gave a calming smile. David was surprised but delighted.

David wondered why his mother had suddenly become so kind and gentle to him when he refused to go to school. Mother said to him, ‘you don’t like school do you?’ David thought to himself, ‘had she finally understood?’ He smiled and nodded a ‘yes’.

Value is a virtue in all we do and In every relationship

Listening to father’s words that morning had made mother understand his reluctance. Mother had been like him once.

David’s mother had hated school as a child because she didn’t know the value of school. She had attended school only because her parents wanted her to and when she had the opportunity, she dropped out.

The value of education was now real to her, though she had not had time to go back to school because she had to be there for David. Slowly she gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him the reason he went to school was to gain knowledge of life.

The benefit of value she had learnt. She also told him that going to school will help him meet and associate with his age group. She told David stories of how father and herself had met in primary school and been friends.

Mother smiled as she told David about colouring and drawing and how much fun it was. Finally, she showed David pictures of her in School and for each picture she told him her experience.

Value birth a new adventure

David seeks adventure

The benefit of Value almost all is holding seeing something in a different perspective just like David. David was amazed by the amazing stories and wanted to gain experience of his own.

He got up and hurriedly prepared for school. Though, he was already late, he did not about that. He had found a meaning to school and was ready to work with it. He wanted a story to tell too.

The benefit of value: Conclusion

So having a knowledge of Value gave birth to a new adventure for David. What other ways can you inspire a child to do things they don’t want to do. For instance, brushing their teeth.

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