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Romantic Relationship For Beginners

Romantic Relationship For Beginners

Romantic relationship for beginners is a complete detail for those who are just starting out a romantic relationship. A brief description of things you didn’t know about dating.

Romantic relationship is basically setting up a date, and deciding to stay as a couple for a while. To determine if you and your partner can be together forever. A person’s readiness to engage in a romantic relationship is largely a matter of maturity and environment. A teenager can be ready while an adult is still trying to figure out what he or she wants in a romantic relationship or why he or she needs to be in a romantic relationship.

Romantic Relationship For Beginners
Relationship And Dating For Dummies

Introduction To Romantic Relationship for Beginners

First of all, you are not ready to date until you’re fully aware of both the benefits and dangers of being in a romantic relationship.

This is important for developing self-confidence and social interaction skills. As well as for learning respect for each other as persons of worth, value and dignity.

Romantic Relationship Tips For Beginners

  1. The danger of becoming physically and emotionally involved too quickly at too deep a level should be controlled.
  2. It should be noted that a boyfriend is never a husband until he becomes. Therefore, ensure you don’t sell out yourself on a toxic relationship.
  3. Maturity demands that there be boundaries in your relationship and avoid getting too emotionally and physically involved.
Romantic Relationship For Beginners
Love is an amazing thing,

Determing Where a Romantic Relationship Should Begin

Healthy romantic relationships should begin at the spiritual and intellectual level.

Starting your relationship with the knowledge of God and purpose is very important. For a relationship to go the right way, and last long. It has to be a relationship that expresses Christ as the center. Come to think of it, Christ is the express image of LOVE! Right? Since this is the case, who can best teach you to love each other?

Giving your relationship a big difference by starting out spiritually would be the greatest boost your relationship should get. This way you’d be sure that you’re in a romantic relationship with someone who shares your values, respects you and genuinely loves you.

The second perquisites for a romantic relationship readiness is a good understanding of God’s love. To love someone sincerely, there is the need to know important and intimate things about the person. This way you’d be able to love as Christ loves the church.

When Is It Right to Engage?

You’re ready to engage in a romantic relationship when you don’t need to. That is, you are ready when you feel whole and complete within yourself. Understand that NO relationship will complete you. If you feel incomplete and think that a relationship will complete you, YOU ARE WRONG!!!

A relationship will teach you things, break you, make you stronger, and sometimes, hurt you. But it would never complete you. You have to feel complete in yourself as a proof of your readiness. When your self esteem is balanced, it is a sign that you’re matured enough to date. Healthy self-love is really important to personal wholeness because it affects your other relationships.

Romantic Relationship For Beginners
You’re ready to date when you don’t need to, when you feel whole and complete within yourself.

Where Is the Place of Intimacy In a Romantic Relationship?

Intimacy is not an act, it’s a state of existence in which both partners in a relationship trust each other more and more with their innermost thoughts. In other words, intimacy is not SEX. It is knowing each other far beyond physical attraction.

The first step to true intimacy in a relationship is having a oneness in spirit. Preparing to date means understanding that the chief purpose of the relationship is to develop true intimacy.

True friendship is love based.

Reference: Waiting and Dating by Doctor Myles Munroe


This is the whole point of staying a Romantic relationship.

In romantic relationship for beginners you’ve learnt why it’s important to be in a Romantic relationship.

Dating was initiated primarily to build friendship. A relationship motivated by personal need would definitely destroy friendship because it would be overly self-centered.

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