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7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

While thinking about this topic, ‘7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married.’ I could not help but remember a wedding I once attended. At the wedding reception, where we awaited the arrival of the bride and groom. I started a conversation with some folks who seemed to be either family, friends or well wishers to the couple. As the conversation got more interesting, I asked them what relationship advice they could possibly give to singles and married.

We didn’t really talk at length on the issue, but I believe we all learnt something about being single and getting married. You can also read about dating and courtship relationships here.

I cheerfully asked them questions from their own relationships to satisfy my curious mind. Newly married couples ask for relationship advice because they don’t want to make the same mistake others do make.

Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married
Simple and realistic relationship advice for singles And Married

7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

Some people are constantly worried about embracing relationship advice that can ruin their relationships. This is why a number of people are skeptical about who they discuss their relationship issues with.

Mind Blowing Response

Days ago, I wanted to know what kind of advice can be given to a single who’s planning to get married. And also, what advice can be given to those who have been married for 5+ years. A single guy said, “If you want to stay faithful, try not to make friends with the opposite sex.” Well I didn’t quite angry with him in my article, Can a male and female be just friends?

The responses I got were overwhelming. One guy told me of the many issues he had early in his marriage and how quickly he had learnt to resolve them. Reflecting back on their response, got me really craving to share all the relationship advices I have learnt.

Introduction To The 7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

Relationships are not hard to build or maintain. Read more on building friendship relationship here. Also see building relationship with older people. Relationships are as easy as doing a hobby, but if you are not properly guided, you’d miss it. That’s why we have increasing rate of breakups and divorce. For a relationship to work, it would take a lot of dedication, focus, and mental work. Finding the right person to settle down with can often feel like a very frustrating game of chance.

Most times even when you do find the right one, you’ll still have a heavy load of work cut out for you. As you make an effort to get to know the person better each day and maintain your relationship. It takes a lot of commitment.

If you’re looking for a little guidance or someone to give you the best advice on relationship and love affairs. You’ve come to the right place.

7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

These seven simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married has worked for so many people and I’d still working. Still building relationships globally. Here you go with all the seven relationship advices FOR FREE.

1. Take It Easy

As simple as it is, it is ignored by many. The most valuable step you can take in your relationship is learning to take it easy. Too often we get caught up in desire to have control of our partner, or see them being submissive.

This pull becomes a destructive compulsion that has the ability to poison the integrity of the relationship. It has the ability to turn respect and compassion to anger and resentment. It destroys the quality of our lives and over time, the relationship.

This advice impacted on my approach to romantic relationships, that I allowed for a lot more space, which in turn allowed for less reactivity. This also, would bring you more peace, happiness, and respect. 

7 Simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married
Taking things slow and easy would give you time to think certain things through.

Relieving Your Relationship From Stress Using Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

The classic struggle of all relationships is finding the right balance in togetherness. Typically, when a relationship is under stress, one of the partners would asks for physical space to break the tension.

The best way to incorporate space is by being proactive and providing emotional rather than physical space. Thus, creating a bridge in the relationship. To do this, partners need to allow each other the space to be themselves and to have their experiences without trying to control the outcome or think that they are responsible for their lives and reaction.

2. Give It 90%

My parents advised what they did in their own marriage amongst people who just weren’t getting it right in their marriage. Amazingly, it always did work. What worked? Giving a higher percentage of your life and all, up to 90% to your relationship. Like it or not, this is a vital key to having the best relationship experience.

What you give into, is most times what you receive. Now imagine, If both of you always think about giving 90% to each other. You and your partner will be very happy. It is important to think about how your partner is feeling, to stand in their shoes, to be giving and compromising, and emotionally generous.

Your relationship should be given a 90% priority
Your relationship should be given a 90% priority

The other 10% is for the understanding that sometimes it’s also OK to be a bit selfish, to place your needs first, or stand firm on somethings that you believe in. It is also important to clarify that this works better when you are both giving 90%.

3. Know That You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

It’s not your partner’s job to make you happy. It’s your job to make you happy. Of course it’s easy to feel good when your partner is acting in a way that you want. Well the truth is, you most times don’t need a partner or spouse to conform to a certain way in order for you to feel good.

Thinking that you’re always going to be in a good mood and directing your affectionate attention towards your partner. This would help you overlook the feeling of unhappiness. While that may be possible during the initial stage of a relationship, is impossible to survive long-term relationship.

You’re responsible for your happiness, and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is responsible for his or her own happiness. It’s advisable to deliberately desire to stay happy and feel good about yourself and other things in your interest.

The world can do just little to your emotions when you choose to stay happy
The world can do just little to your emotions when you choose to stay happy

You’re Your Source Of Happiness

If you’re looking for someone to complete you or make you happier. Then you’re looking in the wrong direction for lasting happiness, wholeness, and fulfillment that you truly seek. I can assure you that it would be better if you could find a way to feel how you want to feel regardless of what your partner is saying or doing.

This approach should be given to every relationship in my life not just romantic relationships. When you learn that you’re responsible for your own happiness, and that you should consistently align with that. Your perspective towards relationship would change! You would be able to develop the freedom to choose when and how you spend time with someone else. Ultimately, you would deliberately choose to spend time with others who understand same thing. 

Your relationships would now be more meaningful, more loving, more free, and most importantly, more fun!  And your overall happiness continues to grow aswell. Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not.

4. Don’t Stop Living

My advice for singles who are struggling in their search is to look within and ask themselves what part of their own life still needs work. Working on yourself gives you the distraction you need. You are able to make yourself better while waiting. This, also makes it easy for people to notice you. You get accolades for being the best sales person, best team player, the list goes on.

When you clean up your side of the street, you make room for a perfectly imperfect person to see you, celebrate you, and love you.

Simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married
Don’t let yourself be troubled, don’t be afraid… Keep living

5. Love Yourself Genuinely

Like it or not you can’t love anyone more than your willingness to love yourself. By this, I do not speak of self-centeredness. Rather, I advice something I have taken time to learn and practice. Amongst the 7 simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married I value this one the most.

It involves loving yourself genuinely. You can’t give what you don’t have. For you to be able to express love, you have to show love to yourself first. Embrace the importance of caring for your mind, body, and spirit.

Love can be seen as an oxygen mask on a plane. You have to apply it to yourself before applying it to the person next to you. Not loving yourself genuinely can hurt or break your relationship.

7 Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married
Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself


6. Avoid Setting High Expectations Especially On Others

It’s okay to expect things, but it’s hurting and frustrating when our expectations don’t come through. That’s why we are often advised to limit our expectations. You can’t put that much pressure on someone. Putting the pressure on yourself is also not so advisable. For yourself, it’s a training because you are committed to doing it in most cases.

For others, you just can’t really tell. If someone is treating you badly, you can’t change their behavior. But you can ask yourself to accept it and how you can limit yourself from expecting much from people. This would not just help you to limit your expectations, it would also help you to create boundaries.

7 Simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married
Setting high expectations for your spouse can weaken your relationship

Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance, be empowered to reject bad treatment and choose a different person. Also, [remember that] life is a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you believe you are undeserving of happiness, love and prosperity, that’s what the universe will give you. It’s no fallacy but simple and realistic relationship advice.

7. Sometimes love is where you’d least expect it

This advice allows the enjoyment of each interaction for what it was and not try to make it something it wasn’t. And at the end of the day, both lives are just a conglomeration of memories.

The hottest, most fun, sexiest, interesting, growth-stimulating, spontaneous, most romantic, most eye-opening relationships or experiences are not always with people that you would think you would end up with.

Just because a relationship has a shelf life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enter into it. Most times, not having an expectation on the exact person you want is a good advice. This doesn’t have to be in grand gestures, but predicting a particular type of person in a relationship = boring = death of romance.

Simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married
Don’t ignore a relationship because you have a provisioned perfect relationship

For instance, having a thought that the lady you would want to have something to do with, must be like Beyoncé. That’s absurd! What if she doesn’t like you? What if there’s someone you like so much who doesn’t look anything like Beyoncé?

The Most Important Advice Which Isn’t Amongst These Simple And Realistic Relationship Advice For Singles And Married

Never give up! Keep putting effort to getting better. You simply must put time and energy into dating, courtship, friendship, marriage and every other kind of relationship. Also, ensure you date the right way.


With all you’ve learnt from this article,“The 7 simple and realistic relationship advice for singles and married”, what lessons would you pass down to others asife those listed here. We all make mistakes in our relationships, so don’t beat you hard when you do. Learn to stand up and keep getting better.

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