Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship

Do you want to build friendship? Or rather, do you want a perfect and lasting relationship? In this article, you would be learning about the best approach to building up friendship before starting up a relationship.

So, how to build friends and stay friends. This article would encourage and inspire in you the benefits of building solid friendship before starting a relationship.

This article titled, best approach to building up friendship before starting up a relationship would definitely help you discover that the strongest relationship of all is true friendship.

In other for any relationship to stand, it must depend on friendship. You become a friend first before dating or courting or any other kind of relationship. Find other relationship blogs here.

An Introduction To Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship

Friendship is a gradual process, it is not cajoled, it is not Manipulated, rather it is acceptance and willingness. Did I forget to say it takes time to grow and mature.

What Is Friendship And Building Friendship All About?

We need friends for conversation, for companionship, for acceptance, for help for advise basically so many things and that is why friendship is very important.

However, only few people really know how to be a friend while others are looking out to someone to be their friends. I believe friendship is not be a one way thing. We all need to know how to be a friend to have that perfect friendship relationship.

So, we become the friend that we want, due to the fact that like births like. You want a truthful friend? Then you have to be a truthful person. If you want a loyal friend, you have to be a loyal person. Also, if you want a faithful friend, you have to be a faithful person that’s just the way It is.

True Purpose Of Friendship

Ultimately, our purpose in being a friend should be to encourage, lift up, build the character of those with whom we are friends with. To do all we can, to assist our friends in achieving their dreams.

[Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship]

Naturally, we cannot do this with everyone we meet, or with anyone right off the bat. And that is why friendship develops in different stages.

The History Of Friendship

The history of friendship is as old as man himself, it wouldn’t be wrong to say the friendship started with the creation of man. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void…

The same God created Adam and  Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden. Before the existence of Eve, communication happened between God and man. A friendship was developed. The bible records that God always came in the evening to have conversation or communication with Adam.

Just in case you did not know, for any kind of  relationship or friendship to happen, there must be occurrence of communication. In other words, the start of every acquaintance friendship is communication.

The friendship building process— Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship

Therefore, communication wrapped up the history of friendship and if communication is the ground of friendship, therefore you most develop  communication skills as an investment in your relational life.

Who Needs A Friend? Who Needs To Build Up Friendship?

Every single human being leaving and breathing deserves to have a friend and be a friend. Some people believe that they do not worth being friends with or worth having friends. They believe they cannot be accepted, either by the society, or by folks in school, or by people at work.

Trust me when I say I have been there and though coming out of it was difficult, I didn’t loose faith. I struggled to believe I can be loved and that I deserve love and when I did come out, I had time for friends. Also, I occasionally hear people saying stuff like, ‘i never knew you could be this cool’.

Building Up Friendship Relationship And The Feeling Of Unworthiness

The stain of unworthiness is just an overstayed deceit. A junk of words that your mind has told you over time which are not true neither is it even close to the truth. If you’ve ever felt this way, or still experiences this; listen to me— Just before you feel like that again and say words like..
oh my god!  I am not worth being a friend.

Give yourself a reason to be loved, tale hold of something good you know you can do and congratulate yourself daily about that, talk to yourself In the mirror about your strength and ignore your flaws…

Love Yourself regardless of your fault and look above those flaws. After a while you’d see, you don’t have a problem.

Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship — The Stages Of Friendship

There are four known stages of friendship, these stages are guidelines for us to know how best we rate people in our lives. It also helps us in our friendship building process. Theses stages includes:

  1. Friendship of acquaintance
  2. Causal friendship
  3. Close friendship
  4. Intimate friendship

1. Friendship of ACQUAINTANCE

Is the lowest level of friendship, you can have many people as possible in this stage. It is advisable to take a moment to at least get acquainted with everyone you meet. A friendship of acquaintance is dependent on very basic and general knowledge of each other.

When discussing with an acquaintance, you can discuss about the weather, favourite team, most important games, how your favourite team did, how school is going, how work is going and so on. Basically general topics that will not involve any intimate subjects.

Stages of friendship

It is also important to note that every stage of friendship is very important. And each of them carry out their own responsibilities. At the acquaintance level, we have the responsibility to view a person as a prospect friend.

2. CASUAL friendship

Just above the acquaintance level is casual friendship. At this level, the friendship is based on common interest, activities, and concerns. Casual friends meet more frequently then  acquaintances do. They could also be involved in different sports together, and also have common hobbies.

A major characteristics of a casual friend is the freedom to ask specific questions concerning personal opinion, wishes, dreams and goals. At a level of casual friendship, the relationship is involved much more on a personal level than an acquaintance.

Some Characteristics Of Casual Friendship

Building Friendship: How To Build Friends And Stay Friends

Casual friends occasionally talk and share their common interest, casual friends praise and encourage each other in their achievements and accomplishments. Casual friends are not emotionally attached, their friendship is nourished by the pleasure they derive from shared interests and accomplishments as well as experiences.

3. Close Friendship

Progressing on the ground of friendship, is the upgrade of Close friendship. Close friendship is based on mutual life goals and friends. At this level of friendship, both parties enjoy the freedom to suggest mutual project towards reaching those goals.

Ultimately, most people never get this far in their relationship, some people jump right out of acquaintances down to intimacy not even caring about the stages and processes of a relationship or friendship.

Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship — The Stage Of Close Friendship Building

This stage is majorly avoided by a majority of people because there’s a believe that it leads to Heartbreaks and divorce.
Most of this happens because this is the model held up by the society and because they do not know how to go through the friendship-building process.

Most dating and courtship relationships going intimate today, are in most cases not intimate at all. They are basically just acquaintances in a relationship trying to know themselves and become friends. This is why a relationship can start off on a good ground, and go on smoothly for a while maybe a month or three months or probably five months.

After a while, the both parties feel like strangers, and you see them asking other questions like__ What is wrong with us?
Invariably, true intimacy has very little to do with sexual relationship.

Some characteristics of a close friendship are:

Genuine communication, genuine common goals, mutual interests, and life goals. Most times, people whose relationship gets up to close friendship are those who can be said to be on the same ship together and therefore travelling the same direction.

In other words, have the same dream or can work it out together. Their beliefs and values alike, their life goals can work together and their final destination are interrelated. Close friends pursue mutual goals and most often share similar values and ideas in worldviews.

At this level, unmarried friends of different gender begin a serious consideration of each other as potential mates.

4. Intimidate Friendship

At this stage of friendship building and development,  both parties look forward to developing each other’s character and success. At this stage true intimacy begins to take place.

The connection amongst both parties becomes very difficult to break at this point, both parties have gone through the three stages of friendship and are now at the fourth stage.

This is the final stage of stages or process of friendship building and have resulted into intimacy. In the sense that they think alike, they share mostly the same interest, they are together as one in spirit, soul and body.

They are completely free to express themselves and can write a book about each other with the knowledge they have of the each other.
What makes this stage adorable is the fact that both parties are able to trust each other regardless of what happens.

The trust they have in each other allows them to be open to correction and invariably without secrets between each other.

Some Characteristics Of  Intimate Friends

Intimate friends are committed to a long-term relationship, intimate friends are committed to the development of each other’s character. More on The Honest Mum

This means that they do everything in their power to help each other to be better than the day before.

They look out for each other’s welfare, they’re not afraid to correct each other. They are not the type to put so much pressure on a friend. Neither would they do things that would lead to damage or compromise their friend’s character.

Nor would they ever disregard values or personal opinions of each other as trash. They are not the types to make excuses from helping friends when they’re in a difficult situation.
Most importantly, we need to ask ourselves questions… Questions like, ‘ Do I have this kind of friend?’ or better yet, ‘Am I this kind of friend?’

Best Approach To Building Up Friendship Before Starting Up A Relationship

There are several things we can do to make good acquaintances friends, first of which is, you must be alert to every new person around you, paying attention to the expression, gesture, and what they are doing.

Building Friendship Process —How To Win Friends And Influence People

Learn as much about them as possible simply by watching Intelligently but not staring.
Second, be very cheerful with a friendly countenance.

Squeezing up your face here and there is not going to make you any friend, so why not smile, be happy, be Cheerful!

Building Friendship: How To Build Friends And Stay Friends

Winning Friends

Some people go around all the time with such Scowls of frowns on their faces that’s why no one even wants to be around them. Much less talk to them. We should be cheerful people to win the heart of many, whether in business or personal life.

This will help us get more people around you who care about you and wants to be a friend. To attract more acquaintances, you need to be happy, ready to talk, behaving in a manner that encourages others to talk to us.

Also we should be careful to learn and remember people’s names it is very important to remember people’s names. People feel accepted and wanted when they hear their name pronounced during a conversation or a greeting.

Learning To Make Potential Friends Feel Appreciated

Greeting people by their names make them feel wanted, it also helps in developing a bond of friendship with somebody and also helps the person to realise that you care enough to remember his or her name beyond the first meeting.

Finally ask questions about their interests, find out what motivates them, what makes them happy, what makes them get up in the morning.

Resist from talking about the things you love and the things that make you happy talk about the things that make them happy, and while that happens, ensure to be a good listener.

Listen to everything they have to say. However stupid, however less important listen to them and as much as possible try to save those knowledge.

Building Friendship [How To Build Friends And Stay Friends]

Finally, friendship is not a gift, it is a result of committed effort and ability to move on. Where two people or more people come together and decide to be friends no matter what happens because the truth is a lot of things are going to happen.

Someone is going to betray you, someone is going to get angry or jealous, someone is going to get pissed off, someone or even you is going to make a mistake. However, the joy of it all is in being able to work things out, working together to achieve common goals, mutual encouragement and accountability.

In Building Friendship…

Building Friendship is needed to grow friends—here’s how you can build friends and stay friends in the best friendship building process ever. Building friendship the easy way with simple friendship stages!

Truthfulness, obedience, sincerity,  flexibility, availability, are all amazing qualities of a good and distinguishing friendship. You can’t always meet up with this neither can others. That is why it is important for you to learn to forgive.


Also, learn as much as possible to teach your friend or Friends something good from every mistake or misunderstanding that happens.

That’s a wrap for our topic, Building Friendship: How To Build Friends And Stay Friends. Questions? Feel free to send questions using the comment box below.

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