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Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Every girl in a serious relationship is looking forward to a kind of relationship that is better than it was the previous day. Girls! Anything is possible with the tips to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend. This article explains various tips to a better relationship with your boyfriend.

Introduction To Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Tips to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend

Little wonder why a lot of people miss it when it comes to relationship. Relationship isn’t that hard. Some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in relationships comes from the fact that most of us enter a relationship in order to get something.

We are trying to find someone who’s going to make us feel good. But in reality, a relationship with your boyfriend would last if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, not a place that you acquire.

To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

What’s the need for a better relationship with your boyfriend? The need?! I believe everyone wants a “happy ending” with daisy and chocolate. Umm-Yummy! Well, we certainly would not be getting that from a relationship filled with chaos, Would we? That’s why I have written this article to help you get a better relationship with your boyfriend.

The human nature longs for some kind of connection aside self. Even for the ones who claim to be “quirkyalone”, they occasionally want to be around something or someone. Most times they direct their emotions to something else, like work.

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Dancing also can be a really good way to bond

Realising that change is constant in any kind of relationship is paramount. It is however, your obligation to decide on what kind of change you desire. You could decide on a negative change by nagging and complaining about all that isn’t going well in your relationship with your boyfriend. Or, you could initiate a positive change by first changing yourself and finally building up your boyfriend’s emotional strength.

Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Getting a better relationship is not gotten on a wish. Rather, it is earned. If you want a perfect relationship you have to work for it. And as you work it out, remember this, “love cures people— both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”

One very important thing to note here is that, “the most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” These tips to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend will teach you mindblowing ways you can give love and definitely receive.

So, tips to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend.

Expressing Appreciation

Certain times, your partner may go out of his way to get something for you or probably buy you a burger. It may seem like a simple gesture but your response towards this could make it seem like a great favour.

Appreciating your man for filling the gas tank, or taking out the trash, means a lot more than you can imagine. So to keep that relationship growing time and time again, babe! You need to appreciate him for being such an amazing boyfriend, else someone’s gonna do it for you.

Show Affection

Coupled with the act of showing appreciation to your boyfriend, it is also important that you express your affection towards him. From holding your partner’s hand as you walk down the street, to physically expressing your love to your boyfriend in words and actions. Your affections can be expressed using the five love languages.
The five love languages includes:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Acts of service
  5. Physical touch

Respect Boundaries And Privacy

One of the major tips getting to a better relationship with your boyfriend is been able to respect his boundaries and privacy. Of a truth, there shouldn’t be secrets in relationships. However, at the stage of dating and courtship, there is a 60% probability that he wouldn’t want to tell you everything about himself.

Not because he’s not sure of you, but because you probably haven’t gotten to the level of transparency where he can say certain things. Therefore, there is a need for you to respect his privacy leave him to the things that he doesn’t want to share at the moment.

Spend Time Together

In the mist of schedules, set a time the two of you can spend together. Spending time together with your boyfriend helps a lot in building a relationship. To strengthen your courtship or dating process and invariably make your relationship better, spending time can be of great essence.

Communicate More Often

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Don’t get tired of talking to that special one

You can go a long way in making a dating or courtship relationship better. In actual sense, communication can make any kind of relationship better. And therefore to communicate with your boyfriend, ask questions about each other.

You can also discuss about the positive changes you’ve noticed overtime, or talk about your new hobbies, interest, favourite movies or games. There can even be a possibility of you and your boyfriend discussing about your careers and future.

Develop Listening Skills

Oftentimes, people claim to be listening but rather, they can just hear you. Listening is a skill that is with the entirety of the body. For you to listen attentively, you would have to listen to words, gestures, body movements, eye contact, and also feel the emotion of the one who is speaking.

Don’t focus your attention on your phone and claim to be listening, listen and do it attentively. Listening to your boyfriend more often creates a stronger bound and help your relationship with your boyfriend even better.

Don’t Try To Change Him

Trying to change someone signifies that you feel the person is not good enough. If you find something in him that you do not like, try talking to him about it. But it is not cool to nag about it and make him feel bad because of it. Talking about things help a lot, it can help him realise there is a need to change something.

Be Understanding

Understanding your boyfriend’s behaviour is one major tip to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend. Just right after communication is understanding. Your ability to understand your partner’s behaviour, attitude and work will help you grow with him.

Go On Occasional Dates

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Romantic dates helps you try out new adventures

Going on occasional dates can actually spice up your relationship more than you can imagine. Relating to this, I have written a blog post on ideas for indoor dates. Aside indoor dates, you can go for an outdoor date. Which is more sensational and expensive.

Setting up dates should never be something that you overlook for a long period of time. Rather, it should be something you do once a month or if time permits, twice to three times a month. Ensure to give him more of the vibes he saw in you the day he asked you to be his girlfriend.

Don’t You Even Dare Cheating

In this context, cheating is the act of giving time, attention, energy and sometimes money to something or someone, enabling it or he to take the place of your boyfriend.

You don’t have to have an affair with someone else for it to be considered cheating. Once you give more attention to your phone especially when your boyfriend is around, it can be considered cheating. Staying too long on the phone while he is around can be called “cheating”, most especially when you were on the phone with another guy.

Set Your Priorities And Do Not Exclude Him

When setting priorities for yourself, sure to put him into consideration and also be open to him as in, telling him what your priorities are and the boundaries that you’ve made for yourself as a person and for your relationship with him.

Tell Stories Or Reminisce About Yourself

Tell stories or reminisce about yourself
Tell your boyfriend things about you… Talk extensively!

Telling your boyfriend things about yourself that he probably never knew before is a way to bring him closer. This tip to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend, doesn’t only work in dating and courtship relationship but also works in organisations that are looking forward to building a relationship with customers.

This is because, people are more connected to you when they know things about you, or when they have heard stories about you especially when those stories are told by you.

Tips To Getting A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend


In conclusion to all that has been written about the tips to getting a better relationship with your boyfriend, it is important for you to be genuine about your feelings. With your genuine interest in getting a better relationship with your boyfriend, I can assure you that your perfect relationship has just begun. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box or you can tell us about other tips that you know has helped you.

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