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examples of toxic relationships

Examples of Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, and control. We risk our very being by staying in such a relationship with any human. To say a toxic relationship is dysfunctional is, at best, an understatement. Keep in mind that it takes two individuals to have a toxic relationship. So, basically not paying attention to certain examples of toxic relationships are harmful, as these relationships can drains and suffocates a relationship. It makes one person feel very drained and used in most cases.

Examples of toxic relationships

Characteristics of a Examples of Toxic Relationships

  1. Toxic relationships takes from you without giving back
  2. It leaves you feeling drained
  3. There’s a dominant lack of trust
  4. Hostile atmosphere
  5. Occupied with imbalance and in most cases, uncertainty
  6. Constant judgment
  7. Persistent unreliability
  8. Nonstop narcissism
  9. Unfaithfulness
  10. Little knowledge of sex education most times (Especially in marriage)

Examples of Toxic Relationships and Habits

There are quite a number of things that serves as an examples of a toxic relationships. Moreover, the underlining factor should be that, any thing that makes the relationship difficult, draining and frustrating for either partner, might be a clear indication of toxicity.

1. Constant Arguments

When you get into a fight or argument constantly with your partner you might be in a toxic relationship. At this point, it is important to take some time to sit and discuss about why you both are constantly and always arguing over little things.

2. Constant Sway of Negative Emotions

Clearly, examples of toxic relationships are see when your partner finds your relationship so dramatic, you’re always screaming and shouting at each other all the time, throwing accusation, exchange of negative words, then; that relationship is definitely toxic.

3. The Obsessed Lover

You know that you’re in a toxic relationship when your partner always wants you around, always wants you for himself and claims that you belong to him and in a way tries to control your life in ways like choosing the things that you to do and don’t do and the friends that you move out with.

4. Keeping Scores

This relationship is such that, a partner tries to justify present wrong. A common example is justifying your wrongdoings with the previous wrongdoing of your partner. Examples of toxic relationships here would be telling your partner he has no right to complain about you cheating because he once cheated on the past.

5. Partner Stonewalls

A relationship where there’s a refusal of a partner to talk about important relationship topics like when to have sex and not to. Or topics like where the relationship is headed’ is it marriage or is it just going to end with a promise ring. It just necessarily banks on when both or a partner is really not interested or unwilling, in talking about the most important things in the relationship.

6. Constant Power

Tug of war relationship game, where both partners or a partner wants to be in control of the relationship and make all the decisions.

7. Faded Interest

At some point in a relationship, toxicity starts creeping in when a person in the relationship starts feeling less interested in the relationship. Having a feeling of being no longer interested in the relationship and don’t feel good about the relationship anymore and this results to the relationship turning very toxic and definite end.

8. Jealousy and Blame Game

The jealousy and blame game begins when your partner is excessively jealous and blames you whenever he or she is cheated on. Or he/she feels bad about himself or herself because the other partner is progressing in some area of life where he or she couldn’t.

9. Criticism and contempt

A relationship that is choked with a lot of criticism and contempt would bring the receiving party to feeling less, unfruitful and disdained. This can make the other partner feel undervalued and reduce his or her self-esteem.

10. The Concealers

Relationship can get toxic when one partner continues to keep things to himself or herself. A situation where he or she conceals things can only last for a while before the person starts exhibiting negative characters. Someday, he or she would definitely spark and BOOM!! there is an argument then you hear things like, “something that happened months ago, how could you keep this till this time. What the hell!?”

11. The Mother Charity Syndrome/ Mr Nice Guy

Very popular among ladies, this happens when a partner constantly gives everything he or she has to make the other partner happy. However, he or she doesn’t get any love, attention, or others back, as it should be. This partner most times never get back any efforts put in the relationship.

Rather, he or she believes that he or she is suppose to make the other partner happy even when he or she is not happy, and this is a very wrong mindset. Over time there will be a realization that the person is being used or the person is not loved enough. Understand that love is give and receive. It’s not one-sided.

12. Mr/Mrs Grumpy

Another form of toxic relationship habits is when you’re in a relationship with a partner that everything you do annoys the person even when you’re trying to do something really nice for the person, the person ends up getting angry.

13. No changes

It’s funny how most of us do not realize that changes and new Innovations is not just restricted to the business sector. When you’re in a relationship there has to be constant changes for it to grow. When your partner does not accept growth and change, that partner is definitely toxic.

For instance, when you decide to go on a low-cut, he complains and tries to prove to you that you did it because some other guy has been watching or you change your ward-rope and he’s concerned about accusing you of funny things like wasting money. If this happens, know that, you’re dating someone who doesn’t like changes. And that my friend is very, very toxic.

14. Mr and Mrs Fantasy

You know your relationship is toxic when you keep reminiscing on the beginning of the relationship instead of looking towards the future. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not wrong to reminisce about the past but when you put so much attention on the past and forget that there is a future and people are allowed to make mistakes, then that is a very wrong direction.

Fantasizing about what used to be and not living in the reality of what is and what is to be. That’s when you hear things like she used to be a good girl or he used to be a really good man and very nice and all that stuff.

15. The Blame Game

When your partner blames you for his or her emotions, telling you that you don’t care about them simply because you were too busy or something, either work or personal stuff came up and you had to attend to it. These examples of toxic relationships are not given to tarnish your relationship, but, for you to take examples of toxic relationships and see where you are making mistakes.

16. The Solution buyer

It’s really amazing to buy gifts and presents for your loved one. It shows your love in a way, but then the problem comes when you give so much attention to buying gifts for your loved one in the bid to end an argument in a relationship. It’s more like buying solution to a relationship problem. Anytime there’s a problem, you buy gifts to ask for forgiveness. Like it or not, you are in a way, being toxic.

People’s Experiences and Contributions to Examples of toxic relationships

In our meeting on the 19th of September, 2020. We recorded thus:

By Zubi E Precious on Examples of Toxic Relationships

Okay, so, there is this one time that I was in a relationship with a guy. That was actually my first relationship, and it was amazing. However, the trouble came when this guy was feeling like “you’re my first love and so we must get married and all of that stuff.” Obviously, we weren’t ready to get married and it was not even something we should have thought of.

We might had a lot of people say that you do not make a permanent choice when you’re just a child and making a choice that “okay, the first person I date must be the person I marry” is really amazing but it’s very, very stupid. So we had this intuition that we were going to get married and we were just teenagers and we didn’t even know what we were saying.

However, the toxicity came when, this guy started becoming very possessive and believing that he owns me and when other guys came around me it was almost like starting a fight or something like that. Basically, I think that, he had really great intentions but at this situation, he was really very not so right and that alone made the relationship toxic.

We haven’t really come to Adulthood to understand what marriage was and some of us have this believe that marrying your first date is divine and honestly it sounds divine but there are things that you find out in marriage that you wouldn’t realize in a casual date.

By Excalibur on Examples of Toxic Relationships

So how many of us can relate this?
Some similarity… Brief as it is. Well, my story is yet to happen.
I believe that one either dates for marriage or for breakup. This… Belief has made me abstain from this dating game until now. I feel like I shouldn’t just enter into and out of relationship and henceforth plan on dating for marriage. I understand that rushing can have consequences, but don’t you think not rushing can fruit something?
But I disagree with the possessive part.

Conclusion on Examples of Toxic Relationships

Finally, these examples of toxic relationships are not just given to entice, but to help us see a clearer part in our relationships. So, we know when its getting toxic and we know when to put a balance to our relationships.

So, if you have questions, contributions or want to share your experiences, do take advantage of the comment box. Most of all, It’s nice of you to have joined us here again. Hurray!! if it’s your first time on our site, were really glad to have you. Subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already, and get ready to be Thrilled!

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