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Top Thirty-four Distinguishing Qualities of a Good Friend

Top Thirty-four Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

Who would we be without our friends? What are the things that distinguishes a good friend from a bad friend? Ever wondered about the qualities that makes a friend stand out? There are marvellous qualities that not only makes friends stand out, but turns your acquaintances to really good buddies, pals, and even besties. So, this article discusses thirty-four distinguishing qualities of a good friend.                       

As I write this article, I am reminded of a friend whose smiles connects her one sided dimpled face. A friend who is closer than a sister. I would say she knows so much about me than my siblings do. I cannot imagine a life without my amazing friend, not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to have met her.

distinguishing qualities of a good friend

Introduction: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

Basically, this article would help our understanding on what makes a friend, “A friend”. These qualities are qualities we can emulate to be a better version of ourselves as well as see the virtues and value in our friends.

Part 1: Distinguishing Qualities of a Good Friend     

1. Truthful and Trust Worthy

To be truthful means to be honest always telling the truth, accurately depicting what is real. A friend who would tell you just anything you need to know even though it hurts. Truthfulness is a virtue that only a few people possess and it is rewarded with trust. So, if you’ve got a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth notwithstanding the present situation, you’ve got one of the most amazing friends in the world.

2. A Good Friend Is Sincere

Sincerity is the ability to be sincere and truthful about the intentions of the mind. A sincere friend is one who is far from pretence. In actual sense you would have no reason to suspect the actions of a good friend because in most cases they are always transparent to you even whenever they are about to do something that is really not so nice.

3. Good Friends are Playful

One of the most amazing and distinguishing qualities of a good friend is being playful. Most people want to act mature and grown up but the truth is, we can rarely do that amongst our peers or friends. This is because, for those of them we call close pals it’s really difficult to act all formal around them and not be playful.

4. Forgiveness is an Ingredient of Friendship

Aside being playful, truthful and sincere, another very significant quality of a good friend is the ability to forgive easily. Friends can be very annoying; no doubts, but for you to call someone a true friend with a badge of GOOD FRIEND, that person should be someone who doesn’t grudge over things for long. Else you can be sure that ‘relationship‘ would be having its fall soon.

Part 2: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

5. Endurance

An amazing quality of a good friend distinguishing the together-forever friends from the fair-weather friends. A good friend can endure and accept you and your flaws.

6. Good Friends are Kind

It’s quite difficult to overlook kindness as a true and distinguishing quality of a good friend. The kindness of a good friend is extreme an mostly undying and sacrificial. Sometimes their kind gesture towards you could make you cry and just feel so loved and special.

7. A Distinguishing Factor of a Good Friend is Contentment

A good friend is always contented with you, he or she doesn’t try to compare you with anyone or makes you feel less of yourself. Being contented is a mind blowing quality of a good friend. Sometimes, I just don’t know how my friend does it. With all the numerous annoying decisions I have made that caused us both trouble, she just loves me and is proud and contended to have me as a friend.

8. Perfection

To be perfect is not to be without flaws, rather to be the exact match, to fit precisely. A designer ones said that perfection is attain when there is nothing else to add or subtract. This goes with friendship too. When you become very comfortable with your friend without having the desire to change anything. Possessing an amazing distinguishing quality of a good friend is being perfect. A good friend is just the exact person that fits your personality, not the one who tries to change you.

9. Flexible

One thing with good friends, is the ability to be flexible. They don’t have some kind of laid down rules that cannot be broken, like the uniformed officers do. There is always a room for adjustment amongst friends. Good friends have a sense of flexibility that enhances areas in themselves that may have been unnoticed before.

Top Thirty-four Distinguishing Qualities of a Good Friend

Part 3: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

10. Responsible

We all have different interpretation for the word, “responsible” as we all have different lifestyles and beliefs. A hippie might view smoking once a day as responsible, while a church girl might find smoking itself as irresponsible. Therefore, on the ground of responsibility, a good friend is that person who shares the same idea of what responsibility means.

11. Understanding

Best friends, good friends, whichever! They totally understand each other. That’s the major reason they can kick butts together.

12. Good Friends Brainstorm Together

An outstanding characteristics of a good friend is the ability to brainstorming together. Mostly they think alike, other times they trust each other to bring up solution to a certain problem. Did you also know that building friendship with older people is also cool?

13. Sacrificial

Another distinguishing quality of a good friend, is being sacrificial. A sacrificial friend is one who can give up something precious to save you or help you through something. A friend who can share a meal with you even when he or she is starving.

Part 4: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

14. Selfless

Selflessness is one of the rare distinguishing qualities of a good friend. A person’s ability to consider others before doing something or making a decision is an act of selflessness. Good friends who really care about you are selfless, they make decisions that affect you positively. They choose to do things that would not hamper their relationship, making the best decisions for themselves but keeping their relationship in mind.

Top Thirty-four Distinguishing Qualities of a Good Friend

15. Encouraging

To consider the distinguishing qualities of a good friend, it is important to include friends who are encouraging. Most often, our friends influence us more than our parent or guardian. This is because with our friends, we always feel on the same page and can tell them what’s going on in our lives. Their ability to influence us can affect the things that we do as individuals. This is why it is important to embrace friends who can encourage us to do better and not pessimist friends who believe in things going bad.

16. Provoking

Friends can be provoking. They can make you go nuts, in a good way. As loveable as they are, they’re also crazy in an amazing way. That’s just how they are the more you try to change them, the more chances you have to losing them. So, my advice is accept your friend or buddy the way him or her is and just embrace their flaws. Try not to make them feel less of themselves because it’s good to get angry sometime, but it’s bad to stay angry.

Part 5: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

17. Diligent

A diligent friend is naturally hardworking, such friend has characteristics such as conscientiousness, carefulness, determination, and perseverance. These characteristics often accompany diligent people. They are mostly seen among the melancholic and phlegmatic temperament.

18. Deserving

To distinguish a good friend, it’s as simple as looking amongst your circle of friends and checking out for those ones whom you can do just anything for. Generally, good friends or should I say best friends are characterized amongst those people that you can go a mile for. Good friends deserves our best. They’re those people in our lives whom we can’t but help when they’re in need. Mostly because we know they’d do the same for us.

Top Thirty-four Distinguishing Qualities of a Good Friend

19. Transparent

When I say good friend are transparent, I am not saying literally invisible. Rather I am talking about having people who are plainly open and can tell you the truth about almost anything and everything happening in their lives.

20. Caring

A caring person is one who is kind, sensitive and empathetic. Friends naturally care about each other. Not as a proof of friendship, but because they share memories and have come to know each other close enough to care even when it’s not convenient.

Part 6: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

21. Inquisitive

Sometimes you want to keep certain memories secret, but such is often difficult when you have a friend like mine. Friends are naturally nosey. They often want to know what’s up with you and want to hear every story you have to tell. Who’s the new guy? Why are you sad? They never stop asking questions. Good friends just want to keep communication alive by asking numerous questions and bombarding you with gist.

22. Loving

Ever wondered why the word friends, often come after family? Loving regardless of the fight encountered previously or previous screw ups is another important distinguishing quality of a good friend. Good friends are extreme about their love, and in most cases they’re not afraid to tell when you hurt them.

23. Adventurous

Friends are naturally inclined to adventure especially when they’re teenagers. They’re willing to incur risks, not scared but prone to embark in hazardous adventures for the fun of it. Going with the assurance of having a friend like you as an accomplist.

24. Protective

A friend is like a condom that prevents sperm from reaching the eggs, as a bid to fight unwanted pregnancy or other forms of diseases. A friend always protects. Sometimes they’re are with no clue of what the issue is about or who was at fault but they’d always be there to protect.

25. Helpful and always present

I’ve heard a number of people say, “My phone is my best friend”.  I often respond to this remark with the question, why? Their replies are often similar, it goes like, “My phone is helpful, loyal and always with me”. This qualities that has been associated with phones is similar with a characteristic associated with true life breathing friends. Good friends are those amazing set of people who are always completely present and totally helpful {spirit, soul and body} with you. They are also concerned about you when you are not around.

Part 7: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

26. Genuine

A good friend is without secret, truthful and genuine. They do not hide dirty secrets in the dark. They’re people who can open up to you and reveal their scars even though it hurts. Not even considering male or female gender as the manner of some is.

27. Funny

The funniest set of human beings are your friends. Personally i don’t think any comedian can made you laugh as much as your friend does. This is because, you tend to laugh to things that may seem less funny because it’s a moment spent with someone you love.

28. Chatty

Friends love to chat and tease a lot. I think it comes with their role as friends. Chatting continuously and laughing hard is something a friend does.

Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend.
Above all, our friends are important partof our lives

29. Mind Reading

Somehow, you notice how easy it is for your friend to just know what’s on your minds to say. Possibly, you’ve encountered situations whereby yourself and your friend windup saying the same thing at the same time. I call it mind reading, but the truth is that it happens because of how close your relationship is and how you’ve come to know each other so well.

Part 8: Distinguishing Qualities Of A Good Friend

30. Brings Happiness

Friends make us happy. Happiness is one amazing distinguishing factor that is associated with relationship, and friendship itself.

31. Empathy

Have you ever seen a friend in a really bad situation that you wish it was you and not them? Friendship helps us put ourselves in the position of the next person when doing things or making certain decisions. A good friend feels guilty or rather responsible when a friend is going through a bad situation. Same way they feel fulfilled and satisfied when a friend is doing real well.

32. Generosity

The thirty-fourth distinguishing characteristics of a good friend is being generous. A good friend is generous, always ready to give to a friend indeed. They are those who are ready to share what they have with you.

33. Respectful

Respect, and I mean mutual respect is one of the most significant traits of a good friendship relationship. It distinguishes friends and also gives quality to friendship relationship. A distinguishing quality of a good friend in regards to respect is the presence of privacy in the relationship. True, there would be secrets shared. However, as a good friend, it is disrespect to tell just anyone those little secrets you chat about in the room. If your friend wanted it public, you would have heard it on social media.

34. Loyal

If you’ve ever heard the saying that “a dog is man’s best friend” then you sure know the truth about loyalty. A dog is considered man’s best friend because it is loyal. Loyalty is an unquestionable, and forever undisputable distinguishing qualities of a good friend. A loyal friend is that person who stands with you regardless of the mess you’re at. They are ready to help out even when they know you messed up big time.


Above all that has been said in this article titled, thirty-four distinguishing qualities of a good friend is this notice. “IF YOU NEED A GOOD FRIEND, YOU HAVE TO BE THAT FRIEND”. You don’t expect others to be who you aren’t. If you want an amazing friend, try developing qualities that distinguishes you as a friend. Now, what qualities do you intend to develop?

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