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All you need to know about dating and courtship

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships

There shouldn’t be one person on earth or out of it who doesn’t know what dating and courtship relationships entails. This article hopes to simplify all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships.

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships
Do you want to date or do you want to court? knowing the difference would help you make your choose.


Often times people complain about their relationship not working because they don’t know “all they need to know about dating and courtship relationships”. The vast majority is unable to successfully define their relationship or live peacefully in it.

The ability to choose what kind of relationship you’re into is needed in overcoming relationship problems. Let’s help you understand all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships. So you can be able to go through building your relationship and solving relationship problems.

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships
Choosing to date or court is a question of readiness.

Explaining The Differences

Courtship is a close relationship between a man and a woman. It’s closer than friendship, in which they seek to determine if they can be compatible enough to marry each other, mostly under the protection, awareness, guidance, and blessing of parents or mentors, friends and family.

In all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships, we’d be discussing about both dating and courtship relationship. For courtship, the goal is to get married. The couple concentrates on developing a deep friendship that would last for a very long time. This kind of relationship is widely accepted. It gives room for a serious relationship and kicks out jokes and games out there door.

all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships.
Couples should concentrate on building friendship

All You Need To Know About Dating

According to Myles Munroe of blessed memory, dating comes from the idea of ‘setting a date’. When two people who feel a connection between themselves decides to meet up and start a relationship without any serious commitment for the relationship.

Dating had no long term plans nor marriage in view, this is a kind of relationship filled with teenagers who just want to be in a relationship or follow a trend. It’s mostly filled with heartbreaks and pains because, there is no serious commitment to the relationship.

Is There a Difference Between Dating And Courtship Relationships?

With this definition, we can get a clear view of a significant difference between dating and courtship relationship. From this definition, we could see clearly that: “Dating is not immune to uncertainty and can dissolve at any time because, it is not built on a solid relationship. Whereas, courtship is built on friendship, knowledge and understanding”.

History Of Dating and Courtship Relationships

Dating and courtship has for long been playing a major role in the set up and advancement of our society. In the beginning, courtship was used as a means to provide more workers for a large family to do all the work required.

Men sort after women to make thier families bigger. A bigger family meant more work done and greater success. Marriage was about adding someone else to help out in the house.

Later, courtship and dating became more formal as it started requiring the consent of the parents. As time increasingly progressed, as the world evolved and change increased on a daily rate. The concept of dating and courtship also did.

All you need to know about dating and courtship relationship
Dating is mostly temporary, while courtship is a relationship that is intented to last until marriage.

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships. [A Brief History]

We have taken much of current dating culture from the past and made it suitable for the social norms of the day. During colonial times, when exposure was rarely seen and people weren’t as connection as they are today. Dating and courtship were thought of as necessities rather than a luxury. Rarely did any guy kneel before a lady or even ask her consent in anyway.

Hardly were there any fun fair or weather for two, rather the head of the family, which was mostly the father, had the final say to choosing the right girl to add to the family. Many new families and settlers were busy with the work of building towns, farming tirelessly and establishing or constructing an infrastructure. So, dating and courtship became a means to facilitate large families to decrease the workload and increase production.

In the 1800s, the men and women then, took on different roles that were defined by gender. The young girls were subject to domestic work like cleaning the house, sewing clothes, weaving mats etc. While the men were subject to other straining jobs which required energy. There were no computers and machines and someone had to do the job.

Hardly was there time for the young men and women to discuss or even set up date. They were basically living like cave men and got married or engaged to what may seem like a relationship under their father’s decision.

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships
Now, relationships is so don’t want to miss out.

Significant Changes In Dating And Courtship Relationships

In the 1900s the state of courtship and dating had taken a different face. Expression of love, setting dates, mutual sharing of value, understanding and romantic feelings became more important in choosing a partner. Dating and courtship has evolved with the changing roles of men and women in our society, as well as culture, traditions and people perspectives.

As the gender roles became more pronounced throughout much of the 1900s, more formality was brought to dating and courtship relationships. Rings were first introduced as a formal way of asking for a woman’s hand in marriage, as well as asking parents for permission, which has today, taken other sophisticated forms such as setting a date and rigorous planning.

Similarly, courtship began to evolve publicly giving room to couples who were really serious about settling down. Courtship relationship developed an idea that could accommodate couples who were determined to building a family together.

Why Is the knowledge of Dating And Courtship Relationships Important?

The importance of dating and courtship cannot be skipped when learning all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships. The practice of casual dating or courtship helps in building the community and growing relationships in our society.

However, for dating which may not always have a happy ending such as forming strong, healthy, committed, and long-lasting relationships. Dating rarely takes time to know or understand each other to an emotional extent. Even though knowing a person to an emotional extent doesn’t mean there would be no misunderstanding.

Dating looks forth to the present happenings and backs out when the heat is on. But for courtship, it tries to understand in face of misunderstandings and makes efforts to fix a problem rather than leave it to escalate. The basic importance of dating or courting is building relationships. It all depends on what kind of relationship you intend to build.

Who Should be in a Dating or Courtship Relationships

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships
love makes the world evolve around you.

Everyone can date or court. However it is not compulsory.
Dating readiness is dependant on self. If a person is interested in starting a relationship that would lead to marriage, or just want to experience what a relationship is about, then dating it is.

Courtship readiness is also dependent on the person. A person is ready to court and should court when he or she is matured enough and desires to start a relationship that would lead to marriage.

Regardless of the age, when you feel fulfilled and do not have the belief that being in a relationship will make a pain you feel, go away, or help you gain respect, or make you feel better. (Yes! Being in a relationship makes you feel better, but that shouldn’t be your focus).
Ultimately, if the reason towards dating or courtship is toxic, then be sure of a toxic relationship. Therefore, if you do not have a good reason for dating or courting, then you should not dare.

The Five Principles Of Dating Or Courtship Readiness

  1. You’re ready to date or court when you understand the concept of dating and courtship relationships.
  2. You are ready to date or court when you fully understand the benefits and dangers of dating or courting.
  3. Your readiness to date or court comes when you are able to set standards for yourself and keep to it, at least 80%
  4. When being in a relationship isn’t something you worship. When you can do without being in a relationship.
  5. Lastly, you’re ready to date or court when you have a reason to.

Benefits Of Learning About “ All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships ”.

The benefits to learning all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships, is as important as dating and courtship relationship itself. It is similar to the benefits of learning how to build a healthier relationship. You get better experience with an assurance of why and when to engage in a relationship. Also, you gain knowledge that would help your relationship grow healthier.

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships
Relationships are fun only when you don,t stress about it.

Best Approach To Dating And Courtship Relationships

The best and most proven approach to understanding all you need to know about dating and courtship relationships is having an open mind to fully understand the topic. To make a perfect relationship, it is advisable to build friendship before any kind of romantic relationship. Dating or courting a friend has proven to be the most reliable relationship ever as there solemnly exist secrets and pretence.

There are stages of friendship which are:

  1. Acquittance
  2. Casual friendship
  3. Close friendship
  4. Intimate friendship

All You Need To Know About Fixing Dating Or Courtship Relationships

In other to fix a wounded dating or courtship relationship, you need to know where the wound is. To fix a wounded relationship, find out the root of the problem and tackle it. Don’t fight the people, but the problem.

It is importance to note that pretence in a relationship is deadly and can destroy your relationship as little as it seems. Therefore, be real to your partner.

  • Talk about the things you do not like and try not to nag about them.
  • Don’t say you like something or someone if you don’t.
  • Be content, stop believing that there’s a better option aside the person you’ve chosen.
  • Choose one person and work continually to keep that relationship healthy.

Tips To A Perfect Dating And Courtship Relationship Experience Even After Many Heartbreaks

  1. Put effort to seeing your relationship work out.
  2. Learn from every failed relationships.
  3. Analyze the relationship and figure out where the problem was, start by analysing where you made mistakes and make changes.
  4. Another way you might be getting it all wrong is when you try to change your partner.
  5. Most times, your partner isn’t the problem, if you could just listen and be the change you want.
  6. Instead of nagging and complaining about something, work on yourself and construct creative ways to get your partner and yourself back on track.

The Happiest Relationship Secret

Also, inasmuch as, you want to make a relationship work, do not put up with violence. For a relationship associated with screams, bad moods, insults and physical abuse, do not remain associated with such. As much as you might feel like you’re in love, you should let go! At least for a while, take time to think about why you started dating and if possible see a counselor.

Anything that didn’t change in dating or courtship, has a 20% percent probability of ever changing. Your focus in your relationship should be, to make each other happy, fulfilled and to watch each other’s back.

Dealing with physical violence in dating and courtship
Refuse to be subject to an abusive relationship

All You Need To Know About Dating And Courtship Relationships And Identifying A Potential Soul Mate

A perfect soul mate is possible but it requires a reasonable level of sincerity and hard work. Show me your friend, and I’d tell you who you are, that’s the way it is. Like attracts like. So, to identify a good person and make it work with a good person, you have to be that person you want.

For instance, if you want a soulmate who would be sincere and completely honest to you, you have to be the one to initiate it, and once in a while say something like; “I’m being so sincere to you because I love you”.

The True Purpose Of Dating Or Courtship.

Aside marriage and the beauty of having amazing kids and a noisy house, the true purpose of marriage is to have a partner and be happy.

Gen. 2 vs 18, God Said; It isn’t good for a man to be ALONE, i will make him a help meet for him.

Ultimately the true purpose of marriage which is basically the focus or endpoint of dating and courtship, is COMPANIONSHIP.

Where Can I Find A Soul Mate.

There’s never a best place to find a partner, they’re everywhere; in the church, neighborhood, street, social media, offices, packs…..etc.
Wherever you fine that special person, do well to ensure that relationship works.

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