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Can A Male And A Female Be Just Friends?

Can a male and a female be just friends? The question of whether a male and a female can be just friends is one dependent on different individuals. As a female growing up amongst girls, I noticed I grew to like girls and know almost everything about them.

However, I didn’t really want them much as friends, neither did I think of building friendship with females.

Can male and female be just friends?

I couldn’t deal with female attitude sometimes and the streams of mood swings and sometimes jealousy that comes with their gender. Oh! Forgive me, did I just say it comes with their gender?

What Is True? Can A Male And Female Be Just Friends?

I wanted an adventure, I wanted that male and female friendship relationship and as much as I tried to not find my friend attractive, I guess I always did.

Somehow, only the cutest guys came around.

Sometime around then I read an article by Carlin Flora, a freelance journalist and author of friendfluence: The surprising ways friends make us who we are (Doubleday, 2013).

Can a man and a woman be just friends?

Her article on can a man and woman be just friends?

Rethinking on this article on Can a man and a woman be just friends, made me want to think for a moment and realize this.

What’s Our Discovery?

The so-called attraction or enchantment I felt with my very close male friends, who were my best friends. Nothstanding how close, I had to keep distance from because I felt too close could be dangerous.

I realized that if I could examine and maintain boundaries continually, I would be able to make very close make friends. Making those friends without feeling guilty.

With that I was able to make male friends who are as close as my clothe and yet not feel uncomfortable. I was able to make sure that I can have make friends whom I could tell anything and still feel safe with no intimacy involved.

Building Male And Female Friendship Relationship That Last.

Yes, a male and female can be friends.

Attraction is an essential and complex thing that can disrupt, or counter friendship. This  doesn’t suggest that bonds are any much less.

So, the query that says, “Can a male and female be just friends?” Is a question of personality. Friends are touch sensitive. It could be that feeling a person genuinely recognize.

Scientific literature, many students have settled on a definition Friendship that become coined.

Can a male and female be just friends?

A psychologist, Robert Hays of the college of California, San Francisco; describes the bond as, “a voluntary interdependence among two humans.

Over time, It is intended to facilitate social emotional goals of a participants and can contain numerous sorts and tiers of companionship, intimacy, affection and mutual help.

Male And Female Friendship Relationship.

Discussions at degrees of friendship can wear an awful look, lots like relationship or courtship. Male-female friends tend to come so close when they see that they are close enough. By this; I am not saying it is wrong to get close to each other.

Some fellow don’t know how much they love their female friends until they really do find out from friendship with them. And, Yes! this is the best strategy to a healthy relationship.

However, the idea of getting too intimate with your female or male, friend knowing you have no future plans for him or her but simply following your vain emotions, is deceitful.

This can cause grave damage to your courtship relationship as well as the friendship relationship.

Therefore, the feeling of just giving in to emotions or thinking that playing, the game of friends with benefits because of familiarity is healthy; is also deceitful.

This Offers Further Thrust To The Question

This indicates that a romantic spark isn’t uncommon amongst buddies or friends. The truth is every genre of companionship is complicated. We should shift our behaviours to attempt to nudge a dating one manner or any other.

Contradiction To Male- Female Relationship

Male and a female friendship additionally called man-woman friendship acquired its first big contradictions from the feminist movement. The movement of the Nineteen Sixties, displaced ladies and men on a greater identical ground in social and work state of affairs.

Coupled with the creation of greater opportunities for the sexes to engage. The converting social order made men and women more well suited as friends. It is not far from the reality that humans generally tend to pick buddies whose attitudes and behaviour are almost alike. Personally, I would say yes to the question, can a male and female be just friends?

Consequently, when males and females occupy exceptional and an same spheres of life. They have less in not unusual and consequently much less likely to be common friends. Certain kinds of males and females are all probable to have more male-woman friendship.

Male-female Friendship Relationship

Heidi Reeder, a communique professor Boise country college.

In 2003 that ‘feminine’ men and a ‘masculine’ lady had a considerably higher percentage of male-female friendship.
But, they’re justifiable information that disapproves capacity of the question, ‘Can a person and a lady be just friends?’ Attraction is one primary resistance to the workability of the query. Can a male and female be just friends.

Can a male and female be just friends?

As we do know that appeal can path limitations to blur. In 2000, a survey turned into completed to test the ambiguity male-female friendship relationship.

With the supply of appeal, the question of Can man and a girl we simply friends without nobody within the pair wanting romance preserving the relationship as platonic as it can be. First, pals often element into meeting desires.

What Could Go Wrong With A Male And Female Being Friends?

Friends can introduce us to a capability companion, assist compare who is a superb in shape and teach us and the social nuances that helps romantic overtures.

The strain and uncertainty that romantic attraction brings to friendship aren’t altogether one of a kind from the pressure and uncertainty of any growing courting.

The coolest information is that most male-girl relationships survived the pranks of romantic tension. Capability awkwardness apart, having friendship that shows interest could be useful. Therefore, whilst a person expresses hobby in you, the putting forward your well worth inside the social global.

After James returned to Lagos, James and i were hanging out as friends, James become being so flirtatious.

“He was fascinating and funny and he continually known as me,” Eva recalls. “One little kiss took place and that i felt like I kissed my sister.” Things like this will appear in male-female friendship relationship.

However, the relationship should not be fail because of this. It should reaffirm it boundaries and maintain it.

So, Can A Male And Female Be Just Friends?

Certainly, friendship over some unique advantages past the standard property of getting a friend. A person and a woman may be pals. Also, the friendship between a male and a female, has the potential to foster more. Accept as true with different ties. In particular while it comes with an impartial cognizance.

Almost one out of two male and female relationship revel in romantic appeal. At some point, so the capability for requited feelings is hard. Additionally an ungainly stumble upon need now not to do a friendship.


Friends have to reaffirm the significance in their bond and turn down flirtatious behaviours. It is also important to notice that limitations unavoidably shift while the quality friends falls in love.

To keep away from feeling unnoticed, make investments extra in growing different friendship relationships. Focusing on the truth that regardless of the gender friendship promotes fitness and enhance the state of romantic relationships.

Stay safe, and let us know your thoughts on — Can a male and female be just friends?

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