Examples of Toxic Relationships

examples of toxic relationships

A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dominance, and control. We risk our very being by staying in such a relationship with any human. To say a toxic relationship is dysfunctional is, at best, an understatement. Keep in mind that it takes two individuals to have a toxic relationship. So, basically not paying attention to certain examples of toxic relationships are harmful, as these relationships can drains and suffocates a relationship. It makes one person feel very drained and used in most cases.

Toxic Relationships: An Introduction to doing it right

Things you need to know about toxic relationships

When I think of the topic of toxic relationships, I can’t help but think of myself. I have been in a relationship where I wasn’t comfortable but I just had to stay because i was receiving threats from my boyfriend that if I broke up with him, he was going to kill me and kill himself afterwards.